Aunties in Lost Cities

This saturday, astromum was at the cafe helping out the Pitstop crew. Astroaunt drop by the cafe to find astromum for some sisterly chit chat as well.

Since they are around and rather bored, i decided to teach them the game of Lost Cities. Lost cities is a 2 player card game. Each player has a set of cards and base on proper management of their cards in the hands, they are suppose to start expeditions and gain points for their expeditions. The "expeditions" are actually set of cards layout in a sequential order.

At first i thought it might be quite tough to teach and get them to understand the rules. Explaining the rules in hokkien isn't tougher than i imagine and it feel damm weird. Terms like expeditions, investments cards are hard to translate too.

I was surprise they catch on the rules quite fast. Then i remember...these 2 folks are gamers too! Their usual saturday gathering at my grandpa place consists of "boardgaming" sessions too. They did rounds and rounds of mahjong.

Lost cities comparatively, is a piece of cake to them!

Looking at the way they shuffle card, you know they are pro!

Astromum is definitely taking the game seriously

Astroaunt is having a good lead in the game. Look at the 2 long "expeditions" at her side!

Her smile says it all

Astroaunt kill mum in a couple of games but astromum isn't too bad. She retaliated and manage to win back a few games in the end too. It was really interesting to see two "aunties" enjoying eurogames and employing concepts and strategies learn from their experience in tai dee and mahjong.


Don't play play, they know how to strategize too!

Both of them enjoyed the game though they lamented about missing the nice sensation of rubbing against the bigger ivory tiles...

Astromum & Astroaunt, they are gamers too!


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