He was a good man....

March 2000- June 2006

Speaking of Pitstop Orbituaries, it is very unfortunate for the death of a member.

A Kin so close to us,

a friend who is there for us constantly,

a loyal partner who stick to his line of duty even at the last moments.

Our dearest JVC HI-FI system has finally moved on to a world not of our own.

May his eternal memories be with us always as we always remembered its finest moments, its glories and its accolades.

----------Post Script---------------

it was really odd that at its last dying breathe, JVC did many crazy stunts. It started jumping channels and suddenly blast a huge amplitude of sounds.

My goodness, all the Pitstoppers were truly freaked. The last straw came when without warning it blasted a stream of mandarin songs from 95.8FM, you should have seen the bewildered look on everyone's face. As i was just standing beside it, many thought that I was the one who played the channel.

I could only see their face full of exasperation and hatred... (what's wrong with 95.8FM anyway?)

Seeing the truly disturbed Pitstoppers, I have to perform what is best for the situation..

It was cruel, but I have to..

I pulled the cord and let JVC to rest.

The rest was silence.

Truly silent.

But don't worry, there's still music at Pitstop cafe. We have a new member..

And don't worry, he is english educated.

Pitstop cafe, the wonder never ceases



astroboy said...

instead of class 95 maybe we should change to BBC cos they have native speakers there..hahaa

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