The Foursome

Astroboy, Eve, Kimoki, Mumu the 4 folks that started out Pitstop Cafe. Some are studying, some are working. One almost hitting 30 while the rest barely reach 25.

Despite the general differences, there is some interesting concidents. The two guys are Leos; one born on the 9th August, the other on the 10th August. The two girls are Librans; one born on the 12th October, the other on the 14th October.

Some of the regular folks at the cafe sometimes wonder how did this foursome come together...

How did we get to know each other?

How did we get started and ended up with this "mess"?

What are the stupid cockups we have made?

blah blah blah

Hopefully we get to share more with you folks in the near future...

Eve: eh don't tell people my birthday leh, wait people buy me presents!

Astroboy: buay pai seh, you think you bery cute or celebrity is it? hahaa

After the last statement, the fate of astroboy remains unknown...

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