The Invasion of the Penguins

And as if the recent Invasion of the Pigs was not enough. Pitstop cafe was invaded by another swell of species.

However, this time not by piles of pigs, but by six 'commando' penguins.

Pretty much like those penguins you watched in 'Madagascar', these crack troop was organized and launched a stealthy attack on Pitstop cafe right after we chased away the last bit of those swines.

Commando penguins from ariel view

As these polar denizens launched their attack in such small numbers and with such stealth, it caught the pitstop crew by surprise.

The 'Pigs-ti-cide' handled to us by Nadnut was of course, useless against them.

'oh when the guins, oh when the guins came marching in...

I wanna be one in the number.. oh when the guins came..' oh shut up!

It's a wonder who they could make their way up from the first floor. Talk about lack of visibility, I think Pitstop cafe attracts folks precisely because it is just so out of sight.

That's why folks come because they just wanna come, and not just about chancing upon it.

Pretty much like these penguins, which launched a planned attack on us.. they must have swam all the way from the artic ocean to Singapore river.

Different battle formations

This is call the 'Luo Han' (stacking buddha) formation. Or so we are told

The Pitstop crew did not let them overcome us without a fight, In one fell swoop, we rounded them up.

Mu mu transformed into a giant mushroom and scared the freak out of them.

Astroboy lauched his astro homing missles and burned their artic ass off.

Eve start yakking away and deafened their otherwise, hidden artic ears

Tim was still looking at girls from the balcony

The Pitstop crew won in the end, or rather we negotiated with the leader for a peace treaty.

The Penguins will have to stay in Pitstop cafe as P.O.Ws and we have a very special job for them to do...

We treat P.O.Ws with kindness, we leave them on shelves

So come down to Pitstop cafe and check out the heck this Penguins do in the cafe!

And yes, by the way. interested Pitstop crews, its not too bad to have penguins as your colleagues too!

Pitstop cafe, attracting all kinds of species


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