Please don't do this to us

Pitstop Cafe like any other cafe, in general do not accept eating of outside food within the cafe. In fact my downstairs kopitiam also don't allow that.

In fact, most of the time we close one eye when a group is sharing a piece of dessert here and there, sharing your own homemade cookies etc.

As long as not too unreasonable we are cool about it.

In fact it is very common for folks to;

1) Bring in their own birthday cakes and let us keep it in the fridge if there is space.
2) We also provide servettes,
3) candles,
4) ice water

Most importantly, we do the clear up too!!!

but if you decided to throw it away on your way out it is cool too.

But please don't do this to us...

A empty cake box dump right at our door step. That's not cool or should i say "beh steady"

Perhaps i should give the box a benfit of doubt. Perhaps the owner was in the rush, forgotten about it, etc.

But anyway folks if next time you need us to clear the trash for you just let us know, don't leave it at our doorsteps. It is really unsightly and other folks might accidentally step on it and dirty themselves, trip over, blah blah blah...

Pitstop Cafe, be steady


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