The Pitstop Crew Feature Part 1-Carolin

Pitstoppers should realised by now that lotsa 'foreign-looking' face have been serving you, teaching you games and even the usual tonal quality of the 'welcome' has been different (not so out of tune).

Well, that's because we have imported a whole bunch of oommpa loompas to increase your Pitstop experience. These new Pitstop crews are specially selected, went through intense training. Throughout this period of time, we realised that these new crews all have certain 'special ability'.

We're gonna give you a feature of one of the crews, so stay tuned for more!


This folk could hum to the latest R and B tunes and do some funky hip hop moves. She has a way with fellow Pitstoppers, making em' laugh, cracking silly jokes and teaching her favorite game 'Brainstrain'!

she is a real strain on the brain

Yea...do ask for Carolin when you pop by Pitstop cafe the next time, cuz she can really make you come as strangers and leave as friends. Oh.. did I mention that she has such great rapport with the folks that on their next visit, they practically hugged each other maciam they know each other for years!

For folks who prefer understanding their game in mandarin, ask for Carolin

Oh, and I must really say that she could adapt well in a place surrounded by meat chompers.Being the only vegetarian crew, she has equipped herself with tons of vegeterian stuffs.. she could whipped up vege porridge, vege mee and uh..vege lovers.. but when asked what's your favorite dish? she replied, 'oh, I'm a maneater!'

Roar! Chomp Chomp Chomp!

Maneater!?!? heard that? no wonder, Eve has been complaining that there are no many guys around... now we know where they have ended up. So do pop by at Pitstop cafe, to check out all our cool crews and their 'special ability'!

Pitstop cafe, there's a niche for everyone.


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