Have yourself a Merry Little Pitstop Christmas

The Christmas festivities are here! Not only are folks happy with their school holidays, clearing leave and meeting up with friends for a time of gift sharing and partying, it also marks the end of a fabulous year!

Here at Pitstop cafe, we mark these festivities with some Pitstop style atmosphere. Remember Pitstop cafe as a whacky and always 'out of the box' place for having fun.

Ho ho ho! Happy feasting and partying!

For us, having fun is of utmost importance. That's why Pitstop cafe has put in place some festive fun for all ye to come and be faithful to.

1)The Christmas Decor

of balls and furs, some cherries and a holly...

Put up in merely a couple of hours, Pitstop cafe gives you a 'ball' of a time and 'furry' fun! check out our whacky Christmas ambience!

2)The Christmas Crew

The oompaa loompaas in full swing!

The Pitstop crew will fill you with festive joy as they prance around in their Christmas costume. Oh! do look out for their small little bags where they will pop surprises onto your table!

3)The Christmas Turkey

Christmas turkey
only available on the 24th and 25th, 8pm

Perhaps the highlight of the day will be our own version of a christmas turkey. The chick will be served at 8pm on 24th and 25th Dec, and all guests can help themselves to the 'turkey'. Now, just exactly is this 'turkey'? Come down and check it out!

Pitstop cafe, be part of the festive fun


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