A great Christmas celebration

Times flies when you are having fun right! Before you know it, Christmas is over and a new year is coming right up. Pitstop Cafe has a really enjoyable Christmas eve and Christmas day. The cafe is filled with laughter from all you Pitstoppers.

Would like to thank the Pitstop Crew for their help over this festive season. You guys really did a good job making sure that the Pitstoppers had a great time!

Everyone was really in a festive mood, doing all sort of funny stuff at the cafe, such as...

Forcing 2 penguins to kiss each other...

Of course one of them was kinda of piss off by the other..hehee

Of course we have our own "turkey" special. In place of having turkey, we have soy sauce chicken instead! These chicks aint just ordinary chicks, we bought them from some restaurants and they taste really good.

I personally think that turkey isn't that nice. Anyone like turkey?

The crew in place ready to serve out the "turkey" to the Pitstoppers

Every table was serve with a generous portion of the bird as well as snacks and sweets

Look at their smiles, the chick must be good right!

Of course we did not forget those who were at the balcony...

It was really fun as we push out more of the delicious chicken at various intervals. There were really nice gifts from Pitstoppers like Ben, Jenny, Joseph and many more. We receive gifts from the Pitstop Crew too.

Thanks to all for the nice gifts

We have gifts for you folks too...

It was a great Christmas celebration and we look forward having you guys over at New Year eve too!

Pitstop Cafe, its so much fun!


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