Game Review: Galloping Pigs

Galloping pig is one of those games that are fun and easy to play. It is not really a deep thinking game but it is still a great filler game. Each game last around 15 to 20 minutes and can be learn in less than 5 minutes.

Our 2 sweet pitstopppers, Gwen and Joy will show you how the game is played

A racing track is setup and 5 colored pigs are placed on the starting line up. Each player will be given a certain number of "pig cards". Each pig card shows a pig of a particular color.

The different colored pigs. Cute right!

The pigs on the line and ready for some racing action

With these pig cards in hand, each player can decide which pig will get to move. Every pig card allows the specified colored pig to move a step forward.

Getting ready to move the pigs...

Playing the white pig card will allow the white pig to move forward

Everytime a pig can only take a step forward. However if the space ahead is occupied, the pig get to leap over the other pigs into the first available unoccupied space.

On top of that, everytime you played a pig card and the pig get to move to the front of the pack, you get a vegetable! This leads to some interesting sabotaging among players. A pig would get so far ahead in the race and as a result even if player moves the other pigs, they would not be able to get the vegetables.

See the vegetables that were collected

As you folks might guess it, the objective of the game is to collect as many vegetables as possible. This might sound simple but here is the catch. Even though you collect alot of vegetables, but on your last move if you can't make the selected pig goes to the front of the pack, all the vegetables you collected has to be discarded!

Hence there is still quite abit of strategy involved. You need to play your cards wisely to increase the probability of collecting more vegetables as well as to be able to keep all the vegetables when you played the last card.

Thanks to gwen and joy for helping with this review!

Galloping pig is a short but fun and easy game to play for 2-5 person. There is abit of strategy to the game but of course luck plays a big factor as at times it greatly depends on the move made by the player before your turn.

However with its cute colored pigs and ability for each player to sabotage the others, this game is lots of fun. The game is very simple hto learn and play hence i also term this game as "chat and play" type of game; you can just chat and catch up with each other and yet play the game at the sametime.

While it may get bored after a coule of games, this is still a game that every now and then you would just like to get it out and let those cute pigs gallop round the tracks again.

Overall it is a great simple fun filler game. So do give it a try!

Pitstop Cafe, gallop your way here now. First one get some vegetables...


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nick said...

this game is very similar to cartegena with respect to the movement

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