Guide to online reservation

Do you know you can actually make a reservation online on our blogsite? Simply click on the link on the side menu or from the drop down menu under the Contact Us section.

To make a reservation, do remember to make in at least 1 day in advance. It will also be great if you can provide us the following information.

We need to know who is the one who is making the reservation right?
Number of Pax
This will allow us to assign the space so that you and your friends can be comfortably seated
Of course we will need to know when you will be coming...
From Time
and the time we can expect your grand arrival
To Time
as well as the time you will be leaving. This will help us in arranging reservations from other groups
Prefered Sitting
We have a nice balcony as well as the cosy main dining area. So what is your preference?
Contact No
This is very important. We will need to contact you if your reservation is not available. In the event that you tua us or if you are late on the actual reservation, we will give you a call to confirm if you are coming before canceling your reservation.If you are late for more than 15 miuntes and uncontactable, your reservation might be cancelled.
You can provide additional information such as that you will be bring a cake and need the fridge space, or that you miss Pitstop Cafe, blah, blah etc

Once you have made your reservation, you will be notified that the sending of the data is completed...

Your reservation is now complete. You will be contacted only if your reservation is unavailable.

Would greatly appreciate if you can be punctual for your reservation. If you will be late on the day of the reservation, do call us at 65355383. We will contact you as well in case you are lost and could not find our secret hideout and need some assistance.

Ok thats all folks. Drop a comment if you have any more questions.

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mukta said...

We are a team of 20. I am looking to organise a team bonding session.
would like to understand the best activity and cost package.

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