Greetings from Chicago

I have only been in Chicago for almost a week! Been a busy time with work and I hope all things are great at Pitstop Cafe!

It has been an interesting experience over here. It is my first time seeing a live dissection on a human cadaver. I thought i would have gross out looking at a human head sitting on the table but it was quickly overcome by the amazement of looking at interior of the head as layers are slowly dissected and drill away. There are so many parts inside the head that it is simply mind boggling!

It also great to see George Lucas in person though i ain't exactly a star wars fan. Ok enough of all this nonsense babbling, time to share some pics


Walking down Michigan Avenue...

Michigan Avenue is similar to that of Orchard Road in Singapore. Lots of department stores, Macy, Gap, Nordstrom, etc. I know Eve is goning to kill me for not having gotten her anything yet!

Museum of Science and Technology...

Science discerns the law of nature. Industry applies them to the need of man

Ok gotta rush off. Today is my last day in Chicago and I will be heading home soon!

Miss Eve
Miss the Crew
Miss the laughter from all you Pitstoppers
Miss Pitstop Cafe

Remind me of Ticket to Ride

Btw this week this the birthday for our lovely girls at Pitstop Cafe, Eve and Mumu! In fact they are just 2 days apart. Eve falls on the 12th while Mumu on the 14th! So if you guys are down that day, wish them a happy birthday ok!

See you folks soon!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



DK said...

Happy Birthday Eve. :D

eve said...

Thanks dk! :)

nadnut said...

happy birthday sweeties!

eve said...

Thanks nadnut! Hugzz!

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