To Faith

It is always very warming to see group of friends bond and have great fun at Pitstop Cafe. The crew is really privilege to have many fantastic folks that visit the cafe.
One of these groups really surprise the crew when one of them gave us a big chocolate cookies on their first visit.

and they bought the Pitstop Crew 2 nice big famous amos chocolate cookies!

They had a great birthday celebration at Pitstop Cafe.

(L-R) Hui Choo, Jia Jia, Birthday girl Faith & Alex

Since then they have visit to Pitstop Cafe regulary. The most memorable visit was the one which they came to Pitstop Cafe in the afternoon, before taking off to catch a movie. When they couldn't get the tickets to the movie, they head back to Pitstop Cafe for again for another session of fun!

They even crammed into our toilet just to take a photo, crazy folks! Hmmm where is Jia Jia?

One of them, Faith (the girl on the left) has recently left for Newcastle to further her studies and all her friends has really nice touching words for her. Tears swelling from astroboy big robotic eyes again...


My dearest faith - my mommy figure, time flies..it's been 3 years since we left Chij STC, im so glad that we still keep in touch. You're one of the nicest friend i ever had, no temper and always so cheerful.

It's really a joy to have you as part of the clique. Remember those "nutx family" days? haha..the silly yet memorable times in STC.

Do take great care of yourself in UK, study hard and i can't wait for you to come back!! More pitstop visits! Hopefully me, zhu and alex can visit you soon..take care and love ya so much! Hugx :)


Words can never fully expressed the gratitude I feel towards you.
A friend over 5years you had brought me nothing but only joy.
when I had learnt about the news around june tat you are leaving in sept 7,
i brought you over to Pitstop because i had wanted our remaining memories to
be full of laughter and fun.(and Pitstop did not fail me)
Although you keep reassuring me tat you would be back very soon,
still i cant help but missed and worry for you.


Just wanna say a big thank you for being there,
for the good and bad times, you are the best :)
We shall work hard for our studies eh.
Waiting for you to come back.
Just don't burn down e hostel. LOL

Hui Choo


The Pitstop Crew would like to wish you all the best in your studies and do remember all the good times that you had at Pitstop Cafe ok! Take care and we will see you soon!

Pitstop Cafe, where friends bond



*thekinkyprincess* said...

Many thanks to Pitstop for giving us such happy memories and this blog entry dedicated to Faith (:
May i book a reservation for 5 people on this sun 17 sept @ around 3.30pm?
thanks and see you guys on sun (:


poot2head said...

of cuz u may!! pitstop never fails us! wahaha.. i miss u sinyee!!!

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