Game Review- Winners' Circle

Here in Pitstop cafe, we try to engage you in different ways. We try to show you that boardgames can be so interesting that even gambling can be made into a game.

For example, we have a game call wits and wager where folks place their bets on trivias.

our dear joy and gwen introducing you a new game

Our latest instalment is the game Winners' Circle by Reiner Knizia. Reiner Knizia is a freaking popular game designer who happend to designed many other award winning games. He, being a doctorate holder in Mathemics, is extremely witty in designing games that revolves around the mechanics of probablity. In that sense, his games are very well balanced and extremely strategic.

Winners' Circle by Reiner Knizia

In Winners' circle, players place their bets on various horses with various strength and abilities. By observing their stats, players can balance between investing in horses who are all rounder or horses who have astonishing performances when the opportunity permits.

The horses gets in line, all with different abilities

Also, you get to strategically place your bets by observing other people's bets. Simply, betting on a horse that everybody else bets on will increase your probablity of winning because of vested interest. however, that would dilute your winnings. betting on a 'black horse' will not neccessary make you lose for other player will be preoccupied in moving their own horses while leaving you the chance for your 'black horse' to perform a sudden spurt of rush!

bets are placed to maximise profits

Sounds very technical isn't it? Here in Pitstop cafe, responses to Winners' circle are mixed. People who fail to see the tactics behind it will complain that it is just a boring roll of dice. There are also, no doubt people who enjoyed the game immensely. They are those who on top of just rolling the dice and playing the game, they even add to the excitement by simulating the commentator, the cheers, the jeers and what have you?

you need a very analytical mind

I do have a group of punters who dropped by Pitstop cafe and they were impressed by how any kind of stuffs can be made into a boardgame! In fact, when i asked them 'you wanna bet on horses?', they cheered loudly and remarked, 'wah! even Pua bei (horse betting) also got boardgame ah?'

and of course, a great company

So do drop by Pitstop cafe and try Winners' Circle, we do have a new batch of other games as well! Come and test the games so that we can make better choices in selecting games that appeal to the masses the next time round!

Pitstop cafe, we are a circle of winners

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