The Greatest Gift

Many businesses, have yearned to gain media coverage to increase exposure and publicity, while other businesses have competition to allow customers to write good stuffs about them.

On the other hand, Pitstop cafe was blessed to be featured by Celebrity bloggers, Straits Times, Zao Bao, Government agencies, Lime magazine and more recently, Nanyang Chronicles of course, not forgetting all the fellow bloggers and folks who have passed some really cool comments to other folks.

Wonder when will we be featured by FHM?

These positive comments really boosted Pitstop cafe's image. And once again, we extend our warmest gratitude to all of you!

However, what really warms our heart and keeps us going despite of the stiff competition are really the things that fellow pitstoppers have done.

Apart from the usual sharing a slice of their birthday cake, we have folks who gives cookies, souveneirs from overseas trip and other goodies as well.

Hmm, a card for the Pitstop crew. What is it?

sometimes we wonder, why did they do that?

You don't see people giving gifts or paying tributes to well, you know coffee joints or Ronald Macdonald's.

Astroboy even mentioned, " I don't even felt that I've done anything!"

A cute Thank You card just for us!

Well, I told Astroboy, "The things that are really sincere are the things you felt that you don't have to claim credits for"

I could almost see tears swelling from his big robotic eyes. Hopes he doesn't get short circuited from the inside.

Nice words give strength to the crew

Anyway, Pitstop cafe was once again given the extra boost in fuel when a fellow pitstopper who had been to the cafe for only the past one week, presented to us a thank you card.

A thank you card!

I felt like a nurse.

Thanks Jolene! We appreciate it!

You know, even having a day's packed with reservation, breaking even, earning big money will not touch us as much as the short and simple words found in the card. it's that moment when you read the simple and yet, sincere words that you felt that you have conquered the world. You felt that you have touch people's heart. You felt..aiyah.. just felt it lah.

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jolene, and all of you folks who have been motivating us, staying true to us and like I said so many times...

Kept the faith.

Pitstop cafe, you can feel the warmth here.. really!


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Jolene said...

Hey Pitstop crew! You all really did a great job in here. You all made our day once we step into this place. None of my friends didn't enjoy hanging out here! Well done!

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