Ode to a Litter Bug

Now, last entry was about nice Pitstoppers.. this time round, let's be real, let's face it, ugly folk still exist.

Maybe we should nominate their names to the ugly singaporean blog site.

Once upon a time, came a bunch of folk to Pitstop cafe.

All were nice and cool,

doing their part as a great folk should.

Now along came this little folk,

who did not want to part with his dough.

not a single cent at all, he chose to keep his gold.

The Pitstop crew, filled with compassion,

Thought this boy was one frugal folk.

Chase him out we did not, and in the fun we let him soaked.

Hours later, the mean bean wants to go,

not a single word of thanks, his face still looks cold.

Along pass the counter, he stretched his arms,

to grab that pile of free mentos, as if it were alms.

minutes later, we peeped the stairs,

and to my horror, the boy we treat with such care,

returned the kindness with such nightmare.

The mentos he took for free,

not paying while his friends played for a fee,

He left the mentos wrapper,

as if it was a reminder:

That ugly folk still exist,

however hard you try to resist.

why? just tell me why?

when will people ever learn to have,

the propensity and the gratitude,

to give, just as they have received?

Free mentos, a small token of appreciation of visiting Pitstop Cafe...

Yikes, why is it here on the rail?

Well done, well done.. sometimes a person's body language says it all.


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