Its out of the door!

After much delay, we finally roll the Pitstop Surprise out of the door! It has been quite a busy time trying to consolidate all the Pitstoppers info.

It doesn't help when cockster astroboy, while typing the letters, missed out the unit number of the recipent. The whole batch of printed letters have to be redone and hence the delay.

Anyway the crew work overtime to get everything in place and we were really glad that we could get this out on Monday. Hopefully in the next few days all you folks would have received it.

Getting the stacks of letters ready...

Stamping our Pitstop Cafe chop till it was out of ink...

Yeah finally ready for sending it out!

Feedback from the "surprise" has been mixed among the crew. Astroboy thinks it is cute and unique, and others think it is classy. Mumu say it looks spooky! Despite the mixed reaction, we decided to go ahead cos somehow we know that you folks will appreciate it no matter what!

So if you receieve it, do leave a comment and lets us know what you think ok!

While it isn't anything spectacular or ground breaking, it is a token of apppreciation from the Pitstop Crew. We have squeeze our brain juice to come out with something unique for all of you and we hope that you folks like what we have done!

More details will be updated on the blog soon, so do check back again!

Pitstop Cafe, always doing more for you!



Alfred said...

Hey Tim! The card is a pleasant surprise! Thanks! Love the card! Will drop by when we're free!

Anonymous said...

Yo... Tim and fellow friends, that pitstop mini looks pro man... The envelope, the letter and the discounts are all professionally done... Congrats and hope business will be better... YEAH!!!

- Zhiliang

Anonymous said...

its very well done... as a "card collector"... i must say i ve never been more impressed by any other membership card.... ha.. although its not a credit card.. i ll definitely be bringing it everywhere i go to flaunt it!! great job to the crew!!


uy_uil said...

great job done! groovy =)
many thanks for the 'pitstop mini'.
Expect to see me back soon yea!


Eriol said...

yey~!!! a membership card!!
thanks sooooooo much =D

Weini said...

Hey, you peeps really go all the way out for us! Hope to patronise the cafe again soon.

CHeers. =)

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