Pitstop Surprise

Some folks knew about it, others ask what is it?

The crew is busy getting it ready...

lots of bits and pieces,

but we are almost there...

however we are still missing an important piece...

thats all of you regular Pitstoppers!

For those who have been to our cafe recently, you have fill in the info on that secret green book so you folks can ignore this..

However for those who have been to Pitstop Cafe more than 3 times since the good old days, do drop us an email stating the following:

1. Name
2. Address
3. Contact No
4. Email
5. Birthday

Make sure you got your address correct because we are going to send it to your home! Better still add us to friendster so that we know who you are!

So hurry, we are planning to get it out our door by this week!


Pitstop Cafe, we appreciate all your support!


1 comment:

*jOy* said...

oh tt's too bad... ive only been to pitstop twice... im joy... the one who loves the penguins and bought 1 also... came with carolin last time =)

yep maybe nxt time ya! do u guys have any membership?

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