Hey! (: I went to your cafe yesterday and your crews were all really friendly, helpful and nice. Pls help me say thank you to them! Those who were on shift at about 10pm. They gave us a warm and cosy feeling and it was really awesome! I'll drop by again soon. Thanks alot!
-Amelia Wun

I like to say thanks to the wonderful Pitstop team who have made this possible. I think it is a constant reminder to us that people do notice and appreciate good service if we take pride in it ourselves. We know that we are the best, that is why we try harder.

Special thanks to Fernie, Haopeng & Dickson for the job well done! Also thanks to Chao Turtle for making sure everything went well that night.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



Katie said...

I went there and the staff there were very friendly as well.

AMELIA said...

Oh so they're Fernie, Haopeng & Dickson. Haha thank you to the 3 of you! Will really drop by soon again.

-Amelia (:

weekee said...

@Katie: Thanks for the feedback. We will definitely work harder to continue to make Pitstop Cafe a fun and friendly place.

@Amelia: Hope to see you soon. Btw that night, there is another crew that goes by the name of "Chao Turtle" and she remembered you too. :)

Do take part in our upcoming PMS too!

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