Oh give me a home where the buffaloes roam.....

many folks came yesterday and remarked how 'weird' this place looks like.
It seem more like a home to them and most of the folks were like 'helping themselves' to the stuffs at the cafe.

not that we have bad service, but the folks just feel so much at home that some just put the plate back into the kitchen when they are done with the food, pour water for themselves, move furnitures around and some even brought their Alaska husky into the shop!

I was very impressed by how flexible our layout is, the furnitures can really be configured in 1001 different kind of styles. For example, to0 bring this group of 10 really close, we shifted the whole sofa and combined our four coffee tables together.
Yea man, it's really very free style.

It's really like a home, take it easy man.. dun fret..

This is Pitstop cafe, come and have fun!

Folks we need your support,

to make Pitstopcafe,

your homely depot.


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