Sad and Sacrifice

Haiz... Just sent my parents to the airport as they set for Korea.

I was supposed to go with them, but.....

Doing this business really requires lotsa sacrifice, it has changed my lifestyle completely. Previously, I could watch movie any time, but now I have to stick to 10 am slots. And now I can only go to Zouk at 0030hrs.. what a shame...

Previously I could go shopping and clubbing, now I am chopping vege and making coffee..

I looked sunken and worn out,

Mumu's fingers are all battered

Waikee's brain juice are all squeezed dry

Evelyn's smiles are getting contorted

Everyone's life has in a way be greatly affected by this biz,

As I slowly see my parents walking pass the departure gates as I slowly turn around and head back to the cafe. I can't help feeling a sense of loss and a great dissapointment.

But never regrets.

If I could turn back time,

I would still choose this path,

though tiring and unrewarding(for now)

it has made me learned a lot, brought me out of my comfort zone,

the previously pampered and sheltered boy, who doesn't even know how to iron clothes or wash dishes

now have to throw rubbish and make coffee for people

I guess the greatest reward is seeing the smiles of the people when the food is good, smiles of enjoyment for the comfort of the couch, laughter of the folks when they are so damn entertained by the board games and smioles of the every day new walk in customers..

In short, smiles and satisfaction

I do hope, our homely concept can bring more smiles and satisfaction to people.

Pitstop cafe, a cafe, a community, a home

this is where the buffaloes would like to roam....

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Mr.Smith said...

yeah yeah!! even i'm not too sure who is blogging..:p, but pitshop is a cool place..

drop by yesterday w my gf.. and the place is realli nice and cosy!!

peeps are friendly,games is fun and the ice aint that bad after all!!

keep it up!!!

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