Moving On....

Pitstop cafe was fortunate to have our opening on very strategic moments where all ye friends are free of school work and bathing in the joyous mood of the festive season.

That makes Pitstop cafe, time and time again filled with the joyous laughter of so many happy folks.

The new year ahead lies a new challenge.

Faced with manpower shortage, the Pitstop crew is still trying hard to find another crew that Mum can impart her cooking skills to.

The responsibilities of work and school begin to set in. Tim and Mumu faced ever increasing challenge to juggle between manintaining their CAPS (NUS students know what's this) as well as keeping their investment afloat.

Waikee and Evelyn faced with a new financial year, are also ever burdened by this new load of financial responsibilities on top of their already piling work load. Even more so, the cafe has cuased them to reschedule their wedding plans.

The cafe itself, needs more upgrades. We are looking forward to installing canopy to shield off the sun and the rain, while making our nice balcony a better place to chill in.

More food, especially mum's special will be introduced, the menu will go through the second phase upgrade. No more, the confusing and haphazard black and whitelaminated paper. The menu ensures you as much joy reading it as you order from it!!

As per requested, we have installed a bigger and better sign board on the first floor. This will also ensure you folks to find the place easier, as well as potential folks to be more informed of our products.

We will be looking for more posters and stuffs to be placed on the wall. Three additional board featuring pictures of our friends and folks have been mounted along the walls. In the pipeline is an activity board, where folks can stick all kinda stuffs on it. be it getting to know a chick or seeking for employment, everyone can post on it!!!

Lastly, more games will be ordered. Based on our folks advice, we will be ordering new stuffs like munchkins, sequence, up words, scrabble, game of life etc...

Thank you for all your support

we wish to continue providing you people with our sincerest service

Do Pitstop with us!!!

see you soon!


edwin said...

is this the 1st comment?
great place!
i gonna get my gang over around CNY's time.

oh ya..do try to find and put up our pic u guys took...i want...
the guy with partial yellowhair in red+black and the gal in pic. (those who brought in the hamsters)

i wanna keep the pic and post in my blog

pitstop said...

hey edwin thanks for the support. we still have not got the time to download and process the photos. So do bear with us. Once we got the time, we will definitely send you a copy

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