Taboo and Word Games

Taboo is indeed a popular game among big groups. Basically it is a game in which teams have to guess words. One person needs to describe a word given on a card. However he cannot use a list of words shown in the card. For example the word "Car", he cannot use words like wheels, vehicle, etc to describe the car...Sound easy? You guys can come over Pitstop and give it a try!

Anyway it is really enjoyable watching them play! Some speak with lots of gestures while other mix in mandarin and singlish. Some gets fustrated and just keep saying "no, no no..." while vigourously shaking their head out of exasperation.

Speaking of Taboo, a guy by the name of Coleman drop by the cafe. Basically he is a weird guy that look like the model/actor named Thomas Ong. Anyway he like word games like Taboo, Scrabble, etc. He commented that we do have much word games like Scrabble (we have party Scrabble though).

So for you guys out there who like word games, we do have a few nice recommendations. We have Taboo, Cranium and Party Scrabble. Of course we also take feedback from gamers and hence for the time being we got Travel Scrabble as well!

So Coleman if you are reading this, drop by again (this time with your friends!) to play Scrabble ok! If that is not enough, perhaps i can get you a dictionary to keep you entertain for the time being...

If you guys have any interesting word games that you have played before, why not drop us your recommendations and we will try to add them to our collection..

Btw Coleman sucks at other games that involve abstract strategy such as Blokus. But then again he is up against 3 of the Pitstop cafe crew. He also sucks at Lost Cities. After reading this, we hope he still come back...


Anonymous said...

hello - i beat evelyn in blokus twice in a row, threshing her the second time. you guys still owe me a scoop of ice cream.

other word games you may want to look at would be up words, boggle, and balderdash. if you're expecting serious scrabble players, make sure you have the deluxe edition (which allows you to rotate the board easily), as well as the latest SOWPODS dictionary. party scrabble is for word wimps.

p.s. lost cities is a sucky game.

ohojoe said...

I agree!!!...if u guys are investing in scrabble deluxe, may just as well add in and invest in a timer and a SOWSPODS dictionary. If wanna buy, may as well buy for the completion of the game!...

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