Gossip tsk tsk tsk

warning...another meaningless entry

Its bad to gossip!!! Anyway just like to share some gossip now. I never know Angie, Jen and Brad has such a huge following over here. Every magazine stand i went, their news is definitely the cover of at least 50% of the magazines! Just thought of sharing the top 10 interesting headings that i saw....

1. Angie pregnant before Jen's Divorce
2. How is Jen coping?
3. Jen heat up passion with current lover
4. Angie wants 13 kids
5. Angie had a fall
6. Why Angie won't marry Brad
7. Jen told to speak up on why they had not have sex for the past 2 years
8. The secret is out, its a girl
9. It's a boy! accompany by an ultrasound image
10. Wedding of the year, ring by Princess DI jeweller


There you go, i am just amaze by the amount of media attention....

Ok no more gossip!

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