Pitstop Customers in NUS!!!!

Oh well, school has started this week!!! As I mentioned earlier, I am bedridden. However, regardless my illness, I decided to give a shot and attend one lecture today!!!! Guess what, before I could complete the 2hrs lecture, I was out of the lecture hall, heading home to sleep again coz I was feeling extremely drowsy...( know this has no relation to the cafe but somehow, thought it will be more interesting to update some personal info here)...That's besides the pt lah...

Just wanna say, like timons, I saw a few people who have patronized the cafe in School today!!! It is so exciting to see them again, except that the setting has changed, it's school now!!! For timons, he is seeing hot chicks again...( don't wander k)...but for me, somehow I gained different perspectives. Perhaps it is due to the medicine, however, for the past hour or so in school, somehow, I just do not see these students the same way anymore. Instead of just seeing them as hunks and babes, geeks and nerds.....I just see them as "preys" , all are my potential customers who I can target to go to the cafe!!!! It must be the medicine or either that I am going nuts, trying to boost the sales!!!!!!

Indeed, this business has changed me, physically and mentally. It has changed my perspectives on how I view this world and even the people. This is bad.......Help!!!!

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