The Real Challenge

A new year portends to us new challenge.

The festive season is over, folks are going back to school and work.

I am writing this not on behalf of Pitstop cafe, but rather on a personal level.

Indeed, Pitstop cafe has started off well with festive season and school holiday around the corner,

not forgetting friends and family who have supported us.

However, come this january, the Pitstop cafe will be faced with the pressure to attract 'new' customers, walk in customers ad extend folks' awareness about us if we are to keep ourself afloat.

With still many things at hand, the Pitstop crew finds it difficult to juggle so many things at a time.

I really hope that our 'word of mouth' strategy will succeed in attracting more folks to our cafe.

Im going to the cafe now, will see if the signboard can pull people up or whether if more folks will find their way up here themselves.

will update you people again.

The real challenge begins.


1 comment:

cityhermit said...

Gambatte! Pitstop crew, "jia you"!

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