why no Pics!?!?!

Im really sorry for not having pics fpr the past few post,

but here's how it happened,

Photos are taken from mumu's cam,

where it is then loaded in timo's com.

Timo's suppose to upload pics,

but the modem at his house were somehow rigged.

Therefore I can only go

to Mac's to tap their wireless hole.

but lo and behold and a freaking bo,

the connection were rigged and rather tow(ed).

in this way, i had no chance to flock,

the pictures of you and me in this blog.

but, do give me a while to fix this shit,

for I promise to give you the freakin pix!



GameFan said...

I thought you might like to know that your blog (or cafe) has been cowboy'ed.


Anonymous said...

i heard the term "tommorrowed" but is been "cowboy'ed" means???

pitstop said...

sounds like a good news! but what the heck is cow boy'ed? sounds like boy cott though....

cityhermit said...

ic... being cowboy'ed means you guys were "featured" on cowboy celeb's blog. http://cowboycaleb.liquidblade.com/index.php/archives/2006/01/04/pitstop-cafe. 8-)

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