Yes we do accept tips!

Not sure if you guys are aware...at Pitstop Cafe we do not charge GST or do we impose any service charges. Our main meals are as low as $6.90 and comes with a really decent portion. In fact there are customers that feedback that our price is cheap (though they did not tips us either). Of course there are also who think that other places have better stuff...but if you look at the prices, how to compare???

So far most of Pitstop folks came and have a nice meal (with ice cream somemore!), stay around for gaming and spend less than $15. Damm good deal right?

Anyway the crew at Pitstop Cafe has kinda of a werid sort of thinking, in fact our philosophy might be ideal to some and totally silly to most...

We have keep prices low and value for money. We do not charge service charges. Why? Because we believe that good food and fun should be made available to everyone! Enjoying an evening at Pitstop Cafe with games and food isn't going to cost you a leg or an arm (drinking at pubs are expensive and we have babes here anyway) and if you think we are doing a good job, then do give us a tip!

Most say we are silly because everywhere else impose service charges anyway and Singaporean do not tip. I don't know, but it just seem like the Right thing to do. Do not charge service charge, you guys save the $$$ and if you guys really enjoy yourself that night because of the games we recommend or how things are organise, you guys drop give us a tip. So what do you guys think?

This is Pitstop Cafe, isn't things so Right up here???

Kitchen Helper

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p7m13 said...

Maybe you could leave a "tip" jar at the cashier. Then people will be more encouraged to tip. :D

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