To bean or not to bean...

Due to the popularity and extensive 'malhandling' of the Bohanza card game, the beans begin to take its toll and began emanating an aura so overwhelmingly distinctive of sweaty palms.

Some pushes the blame to the 'stinky beans' in the deck of the cards,

while some proposed a scientific perpective of the beans oxidising into soy sauce,

others say it stinks and continue putting the cards near their nose then give a face of disgust and say it really stinks... uuhh?

Well, the Pitstop crew was totally shamed by such rotting organism that we decided to disinfect the whole lot.

new pix 043
bean soup anyone?

We emptied the whole load of cards and soaked them with lemon and detergent. Careful handling was essential in ensuring that water does not soak into the cards.

new pix 052
This is a popular and fun game! Come to Pitstop Cafe and try it!

we stirred and turn them every 30 sec ensuring that the leaning agent permeates the entire card.

Lastly, the cards were hand dried and then dried by the hand dryer to maintain the crisp and 'fresh from oven' feel.

Seriously why does it stink so much?


Important new year's eve announcement

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