Care Bear Stare!

Anyone still remember those cute care bears with "tattoos" on their tummy? They certainly belongs to my generation and was certainly a hit in the 1980s. Remember how they can cheer up any situations and fight off villains like No Heart, Professor Cold Heart, Shrieky, and Beastly with their united Care Bear Stare!

Anyway, anyone still remember the leader of the care bear as well as the 10 original bears? At Pitstop cafe we got a unique set of UNO card based on Care Bears!!! I think it is unavailable in Singapore (got the set at Chicago).


Cute aren't they? For this version there is a card called "Care-a-lot" (it is also name of the place where all the care bears live) and by playing this card, everyone gets to discard a card they do not want. Sweet and heart warming right!

If you want to relive those nostalgic care bear moments, drop in at Pitstop Cafe and check it out!


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edwin said...

where can i purchase this carebearcards?
anyway of helping me to buy this set of unique cards?

pitstop said...

got this at the airport terminal in chicago, so i am not sure how i can help you purchase it. I can help you get it when i come across it again, but u cannot shoot me ok...cos the set is quite ex too, around $30. So let me know if you are really keen on it.

edwin said...

yes i'm keen. $30 is a good price loh...hehe...won't shoot u...dun worry. no rush dun worry.

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