New games coming your way!

I know you guys like party games and since i am now in the state, i try to get in games if i could find any. There are people asking for games like munchkin, sequence, etc. However don't seem to find any board games shop here. However there is Walmart here and i manage to get some really cool stuff over here...

A lot of people has been asking for this...

This supposely to be a very fun game, abit like Taboo

Read good reviews on this. Seem like a funny game

This is a classic, anyone remember this game?

Another word game

Some fun and fast card action games

This definitely gonna be a hit if you like games like charades. This ain't board game, but Pitstop Cafe is not about board games, it is about FUN!

Look at the colorful lights, cool!

Play doh? Actually it is to back up for the doh in the Cluzzle game. At 99 cents, i think it is a pretty good deal

This is for my ger ger, she likes to read. Getting books here is definitely cheaper!

Quite a bit of stuff and after buying all of this, i realise a big problem...how am i going to bring all this stuff back???

ok seem like the problem is solve for now...

But what am i going to do with all these???

Anyway the latest update, i got another 4 more stuff...the cranium booster pack, hoopla, cadoo and brain wrap. I think it is gonna be a fun puzzle trying to fit all the stuff in!

So guys do check back at Pitstop Cafe for all this new cool and fun games. Pitstop Cafe, the cafe of fun! Check it out!

sorry for the wash out pics, forgotten to adjust the white balance...

boy boy

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