Mum's Special of the Day

Today for the first time we tried out Mum's special of the day. The response was not that good and mum was kinda of disappointed though we think that the food was really yummy! I guess the lack of response also due to the fact we did not really introduce it and perhaps most were not really keen to try it.

Anyway today special is curry chicken. So you might ask what is so special about it. Generally speaking it is nothing really out of the world. You can find it at Kopitiam, and where ever else. However in our case, it is kinda of unique. You see, mum is not really experience in the food business but she enjoy cooking while she is free. Hence she is very particular about how food are prepared, the quantity of salt used, etc. It is more of a home maker mentality. It is definitely easier for us to get everything preseasoned, but for most stuff, mum like to marinate and prepare it herself. Example breading the fish fillet, making chilli sauce for the mango chicken, etc.

However, lets be honest...for a business ultimately we need to earn $$$ and this is done by lowering our cost and hence for stuff like chicken thighs and wings we get them from suppliers. They come from Brazil and are slightly cheaper than what you would get from the wet market. Price was only one of the factors, others include logistic. It is not possible for mum to buy that sort of quantity from the market and climb up the flights of stairs to the cafe right??

Anyway back to the thing about mum special..for today its curry chicken. She actually went to market and buy fresh chicken thighes. The chilli paste for the curry is actually hand fried by her, then she went on to buy a french loaf and so on...does it means that it taste better?? I do not know, it is subjective but i guess it represent the sincerity and the passion that goes into the cooking.

Anyway mum did not prepare alot as well, so the food aren't really wasted. The Pitstop Cafe crew had mum curry chicken for their dinner and it was really fantastic!

hmmm, whats mum going to cook again next time??? I don't know but i believe it definitely be special in its own right...

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