Advertising vs Expression

I think blogging has indeed been a new experience for us. It has meant to be a way for us to express our thoughts and share the process of setting up the business. It also have been a way in which others has find out about us.

So when are we advertising our place and when are we describing a personal experience or our thoughts??? I guess only we will know it. As for the rest, feel free to interpret it and use your own judgment on it. It is not possible to mark each entry with things like advertorial or talking cock or having a bad day, etc.

I am surprise to see Timo having to write an entry to explain again even though i told him not to bothered with it. We are really glad to have friends who support us, strangers who came up and actually get to know us. We also have our share of people who do not like us. Some don't even know us and just dislike us cos we are copycats. Of course we also have people whom we dislike as well. :)

It will be good to please everyone, to be politcally correct, to stop making foolish statements...but i guess that is not what we are all about. We want to make money (lots of them if possible, but then again it could be me only), we want to follow our dreams, we want to make mistakes and learn from it. We want to experience the whole process...

We are foolish, in fact even implusive. Some of us even do things and say things without giving one thought. I have always commented them on that and now on retrospect, i think it is because of all this we are able to actually forget the restrain and make that first step to embark the journey that we are on now! If we have mind about been copycats, mind about people telling us that we are wasting our time, i guess we will still be drinking coffee, talking about the next big thing.

Cheers to Pitstop cafe and all the folks who has visited us and like us! Ya by the way this is advertorial

Kitchen Helper

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