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Speaking of internship project, this remind me of an incident. There was this group of guys that happened to stumble across our cafe. As they were smoking, they were seated at the balcony area. Anyway we were just chatting and they mention how they got friends who need to do an internship project in which they will do some graphic designs for us and asked if we could participate. Since it doesn't cost us we kinda agree. Similary HaoJun has a group of friends doing the same project and ask for our participation the previous time he was here.

Back to the group at the balcony. I do not understand why, this group or perhaps one of them has a fancy for fire and was playing with matches, burning paper in our tea light holder. By the time they left. we realise that one of the tea light holder was actually broken! Few of us were rather piss off. It was not that something got broken, rather it was the lack of courtesy to just let us kow about it and apologise for it.

A few days later, one of guys in the group brought back 2 friends saying they were keen to do the internship. Since we did not know exactly who broke the stuff, we just let the matter past. On top of that, what the group does has nothing to do with this 2 students that like to work on their project. So I have a talk with them, trying to figure out how I can help them. So they started asking us like what do we need, why we start up the cafe, etc. So I pass them the namecard as say the blog has more information. They say they will be back again with a proposal.

Now lets look at another group introduce by Haojun. This group called and make an appointment to check that we had the time for them. From what I heard, this group had beforehand read our blog and hence during the discussion, they were already suggesting all sort of stuff that they can help us with. The other crew at Pitstop Cafe were impressed.

Yes, I may be old school. But i believe every little things make a different. Perhaps the first group are so good at whatever they can produce, but compared to the 2nd group, they lack that consideration as well as professionalism.

Yes at Pitstop Cafe, we too have our flaws but believe us, we will get better with your feedback and support...

Kitchen Helper


Anonymous said...

i don't think it's about whether you're old school or not. if someone comes to you with a proposal, of course you'd be more impressed if they've done their homework.

Kitchen Helper said...

I guess what i am trying to say is that maybe to some, that prepareness may no longer be a factor to some. They maybe able to accept things that like as long as the end result is good, etc. Of course i may be wrong..

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