Chinese New Year

Happy Happy chinese New Year

Hey Happy Happy Chinese New Year!!! To all loyal Pitstoppers and all folks who are on your way to becoming a fellow Pitstopper, this is an announcement. Listen Carefully!!!

As Chinese New Year is round the corner, we thought that profit margin for collecting Ang Pows is higher and therefore, we are not going to open Pitstopcafe on 29th-30th January.

For those folks, who think that we are nothing but money grubbing scrouge, let us explained further. The Pitstop crew have been working so hard that parents and relatives complained that we lack kin ties. So, we would like to make use of this opportunity to visit our friends and relatives as well as to take a break.

Pitstop cafe will resume operations on the 31st January. We will be looking forward to your continued support.

Kai Xing? wo qu ni de!!!!

In addition, as many folks (the pitstop crew as well) will be busy preparing new year stuffs and rushing back for reunion dinner. We would also like to inform you that Pitstop cafe is likely to be closed on Chinese New Year's Eve because we do not think most people will be out that night.


This is Important, please take note...

In order for fellow folks to still continue having fun in Pitstop cafe, we decided to try a different 'bottom-up' approach to allow fellow friends and folks (yes including all you readers of the blog!) to still have a place to gather after reunion dinner and perhaps catch the fireworks from our balcony (hopefully), etc.

if you want.

He just hurled 'Mandarin' at you

Therefore, on the eve of Chinese New Year, 28th January, Pitstop cafe will only be opened by reservation.

Wait, how does this work?


If you have a group of friends who wanna chill over, have a jolly fun time, or watch the fireworks,just email us at Pitstopcafe@gmail.com to reserve a place. Alternatively, you can call or sms Tim at 94306979 and make a reservation as well.

Just leave us your name, contact number, number of pax and time and we will open Pitstop cafe just for you!****

**** subjected to availability and response

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cityhermit said...

Wishing the Pitstop Crew and all Pitstoppers a Happy and *Wang Wang* (Prosperous) Lunar New Year!

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