What goes into the money you spent (every cent counts)

undeniably, some folks think that the prices of cafes (not only ours) are exhorbitant.

what makes the price meter tick? It's not just because we call ourself a cafe therefore it justifies our price increase.

It is therefore ridiculous to compare us with kopitiam or roadside stalls (if any)

1. a large proportion of what you pay actually goes into paying for the food cost. just ask your mum and she will tell you how piss she is when she brews a nig pot of soup and no one finishes it.

2. the other half of the what you pay actually goes into the overheads. Unlike coffeeshop, where some are paying subsidised rental (few hundred dollars), subsidised electiricity bills and probably, most of the workers are the boss themselves. (which explains why most of em' are always self service)

for Pitstop cafe, part of your money goes into the relatively high rental of a centralised location within the CBD area, electricity bills are expensive due to the high electricity and water usage from the coffee machine, the cookers and 4 air cons.

other misc cost goes into your exquisite plates (unlike coffeeshop which use plastic plates etc...)and glasses which greatly enhanced your dining experience. In addition, cost also goes into buying boardgames and laminating pouches to laminate the cards. Oh yah, not forgetting the free menthos provided at the jug right infront of our counter, these might seem insignificant to you, but it when you have to buy them everyday in bulk then you will realise it adds to the cost!

3. another part of your money will go into paying licences for playing music, offering games, sign board, hawker permit etc.... these amount to quite a substantial amount also.

4. having said all these, the remainder of your money will go into rewarding the people who have been working so hard. Rewarding them for their sacrifice.

prior to starting this business, especially when I was working in a Italian restaurant, i awe over the high profit margin my employer was earning. And I cursed them for charging 60 bucks for a lobster when their cost price is 60.... for 6!

now having my own business, i realise that there are so many hidden cost, so many things to pay and high upkeep. It's really not easy man.

Pitstop cafe, I really tell you the truth



Jac said...


we dropped by at pitstop cafe this afternoon and i must thank you guys for your warm hospitality!

we played cranium and taboo and made a hell lot of noise, but it was fun! i'll be recommending this place to my friends :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jac!! THanks alot for your positive feedback :) Hope to see you soon again!!! CHeErs!!!!!

cityhermit said...

Talking about plates, I saw it first hand, one of us got her cuppucino cup's plate changed because eve noticed it din match. My, you guys are particular to that level, I am impressed! So people, take note ya, next time when you are there, the cuppucino cup is supposed to go with a certain plate, but I can't remember whether it's red or blue marked. (Make sure you lift the cup and check, and not flipping it over because you will spill it 8-p ).

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