The Menu

After weeks and weeks of revision and re-revision, our menu is finally done.

and I thought that doing a menu just requires you to put the price on it.

nah, seems like more work needs to be done. Everything needs to be consistent, all the pricing must be in sync with the other products and certain calculations must be enforced to ensure we don't lose money.

We went thru many rounds of testing and editing, fortunately the crowd was forgiving enough to accept our hapharzardly done menu.

The menu went through much changes, from the initial black and white menu to the the now full colored 'full of shit' board.

Why 'full of shit'? I guess its better to come down to Pitstop to see for yourself! Every word and sentence has been carefully thought through, every references and allusions have double meanings and underlying connotations. Every joke has been carefully crafted to ensure it remains lame and corny.

In short, though it's 'full of shit', much effort has been taken to allow you to have a great time choosing your food and reading its descriptions.

It might be going through another round of revamp as a group of students have kindly offered to design our menu as an internship project. We hope that their creative input can make our menu even more user friendly and yet innovative and refreshing.

Many changes are coming along the way, we hope that fellow folks will follow us through this journey. Sustainence requires support, and in order for Pitstop cafe to thrive and provide you with a more pleasurable experience, your continuous support is much needed to motivate us.

Pitstop cafe, (well, this time I'll use something close to racing)


We are the racing cars, you are the drivers.

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