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I thought Coffee was just some mild substitute of ecstasy or perhaps a way of acting glam at some cool coffee joint.

Thanks to the Bros at Highlander Coffee who widen my perspective about coffee and providing a comprehensive an experiential barista training.

A worthwhile investment for a 4k Coffee machine, even more worthwhile to know the intricacies behind a cup of coffee.

Latte Art which is the pattern formed on the surface of the coffee crema by a well frothed milk requires hours and hours of training as well as consistency and stable hands.

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Frothing the milk requires consistency in maintaining the ideal temperature and angle for creating micro bubbles. The swirling action and steaming of the milk creates a velvety texture and also allows the milk to exude its aromatic flavor.

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The formation of the Latte Art is a clear indication that the milk has been frothed to perfection, giving the Cafe Latte it's distinctive taste and mouth feel. We will cover more on the making of the coffee, so keep a look out...

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Most of the common Latte Art forms are either leaves or apples. Other patterns will depend on the Barista's creativity to 'draw' exqusite artworks on the crema and milk itself.

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In Pitstop Cafe, we strive to put effort into every cup of coffee making the art of drinking coffee a unique experience as well as FUN and interactive as we can discuss more profoundly into the science of making a good cup of coffee.

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Pitstop Cafe, Drinking coffee can be FUN as well!!!

Like to know the whole coffee making proccess? Check our blog soon!

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