Who's the Boss?

I do not really join in the groups in games as compared to our game master, my knowledge of games is limited, furthermore kitchen is normally where i belong.

anyway this particular evening, the place was kinda of pack and after settling the stuff in the kitchen with mum, kinda of have the time to facilitate this group in the game of "i'm the boss"


Really fearsome group of negotiators!

Basically "I'm the boss" is a negotiating games. Players hold resources in which allows a deal to be made. The key is to negotiate and get hold the resources so the deal can be close and the money from deal is shared among the various parties.

We used to have a session of this game at Settlers prior to opening pitstop cafe. Anyway the way we play the game was rather "friendly", offers were made and deals were close rather peacefully. But with this group, the game dynamics were totally different. Deals are cut throat, people shouting all over the place trying to make offers, friendships were swayed in different directions. Its total chaos!

There is this girl who made 8 million out of a deal, and she so estastic, laughing and giggling away and couldnt contain her excitment. She keep repeating I got $8 million....really funny.

Really glad to join you guys awhile in your game and hope you guys have a great time!

Kitchen Helper

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