Mum's Special Strike Back

Despite the initial poor response for mum's special, mum decided to strike back. Arm with a basket, she went to the market to get some stingray, spices and chilli planning to prepare curry stingray. I guess due to the initial setback, she decided to get only a small quantity so that even if no one likes it, the fantastic four can finish it.

But to our surprise the groups we have today is quite receptive about mum's special and decided to try it. Mum was caught off guard as her initial intention was just to prepare our standard fare and leave the stingray to later in the day when she got the time. After confirming that the group is willing to wait for 30 minutes, mum took out her barang barang and start whipping up a pot of spicy chilli stingray. There was enough for only 10 sets of it. Hope that you guys that tried out Mum's Special have liked it.

Awaiting for the return of Mum's special...

Kitchen Helper

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