Too many choices?

Warning, this entry is another meaningless ranting. Read and be bored at your own risk

I think having choices is good. It give you the feeling of having control. But is there such thing as having too many choices? I am currently in the states and when come to having meals, the number of choices can be too much at times. I am not refering to the choice of different food items, rather it is the choice that is available after making a selection. For example, ordering a Kaya toast with egg may look something like this in the states.

me: kaya toast with egg please
waiter: white or wholemeal?
me: white please
waiter: toast on single side or double side?
me: double side please
waiter: orange kaya or green kaya?
me: green kaya please
waiter: with butter?
me: yes please
waiter: How you like your egg? Half-boiled, hard boiled, scrambled or sunny side up?
me: half boiled...

Yes I maybe exaggerating, but you get the point don't you?

I suspect the problem could be more of my ignorant rather than having many choices. I don't really take bread, cheese or salad, hence when come to the choice of the type of bread, the kind of cheese or dressings for salad, I am lost! I usually ended up in randomly choosing any of the options. The only choice I know for sure is either eat in or take out.

Speaking of food choices, there are definitely a lot of varieties here, but the available cooking style is limited. No claypot, no zi cha, mainly grill. Vegetables are usually available only in the form of salad; no sambal kangkong, vegetables in oyster sauce, etc. Meat is also rather “generalize”. You want chicken; you got a piece of chicken meat. Kinda of ironic, but for this i rather have more choices...

me: Chicken rice please
waiter: with skin or without
me: Yes skin on please
waiter: Gizzard or liver
me: Both please
waiter: Braised chicken legs?
me: Yes please
waiter: Anything else?
me: Eh got intestine or not??? Do we still have this in Singapore?

Anyway speaking of food, I will be missing my reunion dinner! Definitely gonna miss the nice food mum is going to prepare Abalone, cockles, all the fresh seafood...

Hope you guys have a great reunion dinner! No plans after dinner? Why not drop by and relax at Pitstop Café and catch the fireworks? Call now for reservation!

I heard people saying the red juicy juices in the cockles are not the blood. Anyone know what exactly is it?

boy boy

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