Pitstop turns 1!!!!!! month old..

Pitstop cafe has recently turned 1 month old and yet the number of people who celebrated their birthday here is enough to add up to a Methusaleh!

It's a joy to celebrate birthday as it commemerates the day you are brought to the world.

It's even more lovely to know that your friends knows that this is your special day and bother to make that day unique for you!

At Pitstop cafe, birthdays are carefully handled.

First, we make sure that you are always the odd one out among your friends.

Now you know who's the odd one out...

Second, we secretly hid the birthday cakes that your friend has so generously bought for you.

It was not difficult to hide this birthday cake

Thirdly, we switched off the lights and the Pitstop crew, just like the Smurfs, walks out holding your birthday cake singning the birthday song.

Now, the birthday song is a very special thing. Specially harmonised and practiced, the Pitstop crew will croon a discordant version of the birthday song for you as your friends will join in the chorus.

The candles are 'rigged', he took 5 mins just to get them extinguished!

Lastly, we will present to you a special sundae, on the house of course. If possible we can also be instructed to smash the cake in your face.

The Emperor and his Harem

Now, at Pitstop cafe we try to create a friendly environment where everyone feels at home and at ease.


Far from being commercialised and cold, you will be surprise what Pitstop cafe can do to perform 'out of the box' stance to ensure that unique experience. Don't worry whether if the action is appropriate at such public spaces,

All 3 of them share the same birthday...cool!

The Staffs are equally crazy and spontaneous, just tell us what you have in mind and we will try to do it for you. We can even organise a hide and seek @ Singapore River, or even close the whole cafe for you!!

new pix 068
We even have a private balcony for you!

You will be really surprise at what we can do....

Pitstop cafe, FUN is boundless.


KK said...

Actually make my trip with my group of friend to your cafe today at 8.30pm...But you guys are closed......so sad , we settle at settlers cafe instead.Think you would probably want to let us know when you are open and when you are closed...

pitstop said...

sorry, but i think there's a major miscommunication! if you realised, our blog announced that it will only be opened by reservationn and that's why we are closed! cuz only a group called in to made reservation and we think that it will be a better idea then to send all the pitstop crews back to have their reunion dinner.

anyway, so sorry about it again. I guess next time we will the announcement clearer


Anonymous said...

and was settler open?

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