ID and EGO

ahhh...my alter ego finally surfaced.

Timothy is finally in school and weeks of fatigue finally caught up with me.

I attended my first morning lecture at 0800 hrs on the 'Sociology of Food' followed by a 1000-1200 lecture on 'Animal Behaviour'. Ironically, it's when Im in school that I am able to take a rest.

Now I've got a 2 hr break and I shall take this time to update the blog.

Anyway, anyone taking these modules? wanna do project together? Call us for reservation!!! hahaha

It's really refreshing to step back into school, going back to arts canteen to taste the chicken chop again. (somehow, it tasted different now) Even the coffee from the canteen tasted awkward having being used to the aromatic coffee in Pitstop cafe.

It's also refreshing to step into school seeing the hotties and the freshies, ahh..Im so freaking deprived of these cute chicks as Ive been locked up in Pitstop cafe for ages.

It's also refreshing to see people giving flyers and selling bash tix. They seemed to be so passionate and enthusiatic in their active uni life. I look back at myself, so tired and worn.

So different from the Timothy one semester ago. Everything seemed to take on a new perspective. (shit, another chick just walked past again). Back then, during free hours I would be at Holland V eating Nasi Lemak, now I have to go to the library to complete as much work and print as much readings as possible.

This semester would be even more exciting for me as not only do I have to handle Pitstop cafe, I have to work extremely hard to achieve my second upper class honours. (Im just that bit away only).

Everything seemed to have reorientate itself and I guess in order to survive, I have to adapt to these new changes. Sacrifice is inevitable and I hope that ultimately, these sacrifice is worthwhile. Perhaps not in financial sense (though having that would be better), but rather the lessons that I've learned in the process. Lessons about managing time, managing people and managing my emotions, are really important stuffs that Ive learned far beyond earning the dollar and cents in Pitstop cafe per se.


p.s anyway, when I was referring to the awkward tasting coffee and the different chicken chop in arts canteen, Im not not putting myself on the pedestal neither am I sucking sour grapes ok? Im just saying that things take on a new perspective.

So in case, I get bombarded again... relac lah brudder!

still Timo


Anonymous said...

The coffee at canteen is much cheaper. If they taste better than pitstop, then something is seriously wrong. haha.

Why deprived of cute chicks? I tot quite alot of chio bu visited pitstop? Saw quite a few pretty faces in ur flickr album.

Christine said...

Hi Timo! I'm sure there is a fair share of cute chicks to see at Pitstop lah. Plus u have 2 cute female partners mah... ;)

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