Piss Off Cafe part 2

oops....judging by my previous post, seems like Ive angered some folks who have probably misunderstood me.

Its great to see people partaking in active conversation and displaying various views and perspective on a single issue. However, this time round Im afraid I might be a bit insensitive though.

Firstly, let me apologise by the blatant remark that I made (Ive deleted the entry to prevent infuriating more folks). Really, my greatest apologies. This got nothing to do with Pitstop cafe, but a personal experience and after thought.

Secondly, I have no intention of defaming or even putting ourselves on the pedestal. It's just a very bad day I had that day. Just imagine happily strolling down to chill after a busy afternoon, trying to bid on my modules. Having only 7 bucks in my wallet. Naturally, Ill be piss when i know Ive to pay for wireless service, when I could have just walk a few steps more to macs to get my free wireless.

Well, so folks I hope you understand! no hard feelings k?

have a nice holiday!


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