A moment of gratitude

Its nice to be home. It has been a week plus since i went down to Pitstop Cafe and I am looking forward to going and bringing over all the new games!

The year ahead gonna be tough with many new challenges. Pitstop Cafe is slightly over a month plus old. I really like to take this moment to thanks all the supporters of Pitstop Cafe. They have came and experience power trips, hipcups in service, etc. But they gave us a chance and visted us again, bringing along their friends. I would also to thank those who has wrote really nice things about the cafe and hence promoting more awareness the cafe. It has really been great to have support from all you folks! I like to represent the Pitstop crew to express my deepest gratitude to all your support and your feedback in helping us improve. Look forward to your continuous support in the year ahead.

At Pitstop Cafe, we have just one vision. You come over and we do our best to make sure you have a fun time here. As simple as that!

For readers who has just came across our blog, let me just give a short intro. Pitstop Cafe is setup by a group of friends, just wanting to follow and live their dreams. This blog is not just about informing people about the cafe, but also share our experience on setting up a business.
Not all of us are good writers so do pardon me for some of the long boring entries!

Ok i should not rant on. Since it is the year of the dog, I got 6 pics of Rex posing for you guys!







Last but not least, I really like to thank Timo, Mumu and Eve for all their hardwork. Pitstop Cafe would not be possible without you guys! So lets continue to strive forward in the year ahead.

For you guys who have read the blog but have not drop by, do drop in and I believe you will have a great time here!

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