no school....no cafe...."fever, fever, go away..."

Seems that the weather in Singapore has been bad for the past few weeks. Not only has our business been affected. My immune system has been "destroyed" adversely too!!! I've been bedridden for the past 2 days and finally I am able to get off my bed to post a blog...Due to my illness, according to the doc, " you have overworked. Must rest", I've been barred from school and the cafe. It feels so miserable, being trapped in my room, strapped to the bed while imagining all the rest of my partners slogging their way, missing all my lectures!!!!Can anyone understand the agony? Now, it feels weird too, somehow I feel as if I have been plucked out of my routinized life, distanced from the cafe, from my partners,from my sweet customers...

Seems that I can't do much now,but pray that I will recover soon so that I can return to the cafe and help out......Pix...pray for my recovery yea?

All I can do now is to stare out of the condensed windows and sigh, " Fever, Fever, go away....do not come again...MuMu wants to go out and work!!!!!"

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