Its a honest mistake!

I was indeed surprise by the comments we recieved over one of the "unfortunate" entry. But it was an interesting experience for us for are new to this blogging thing. At first i thought that on top of using it as a blog for our cafe, we could also inject some personal rants. However things just got confusing during the expression. Anyway base on kind advices from our friends, i have remove the name of the entity because it was not appropriate and we like to apologise as we are still new to the blog medium.

The entry has been deleted but we have also been advice that it is not how things should be done, so we apologise for that as well. Timo has deleted it because of this confusion link up between individuals and the cafe itself, unaware of this is not the way to do it.

We also will start signing off our entry as we have calls from psychiatrist that we might be suffering from multiple personality disorder...

Yeah time to move on...

Kitchen Helper

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