Another fun filled Saturday

The saturday starts off slow. We are really glad to have a group to join us in the afternoon to start things off and some of them has read our blog and hence decided to drop by. Thanks guys!

The game master was out to take part in a glamour quest. It is definitely great if he gets to win it, but it will definitely going to affect the operation of the cafe.
The radio is playing "Don't worry, be happy" while i am typing this...

So i hope i was able to explain the games of Cranium and Taboo well enough to you guys.


I believe Jac left us a comment. Which one is Jac? Care to introduce your group of friends? Hope to see you guys again!



Special thanks to Jeffery for helping faciliate the game Settlers of Catan!


You just can't go wrong with the game of Taboo!



Hope you guys like Phase 10!


Yes we can see fireworks from our balcony? Any reservation for firework viewing on New Years Eve???

Yeah, it was a busy evening and the atmosphere is definitely great. Thanks to you guys for coming. We can play music, there are sounds from the coffee machine, sounds of fries sizzling in the hot oil...but it is your laughter that makes all the difference! Happy holidays ahead!

Kitchen Helper

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