What is Pitstop Cafe?

Some say it's a board games cafe copy cat,

some say it's a cafe selling western food,

Some say it's trying to compete with tcc,

Some say it's some ice cream franchisee.

some thought it's a place for cheong bikers,

and some don't even bother.'

Let me try to explain again what we are........

The name 'Pitstop' derives from the concept of the reality TV 'Amazing Race' and it is used to associate our cafe as a stopover, a place for you to relax and have fun amidst the mundane ratrace and stressful school work.

In short, Pitstop cafe is a place for you to have fun. Its the cafe of fun!

Set in the middle of the Central Business District and strategically located in the interchange of the Raffles PLace MRT station. Pitstop cafe has made it easy and accessible for anyone who wants a place where they can just indulge in fun and joy.

Deliberately designed as a home, Pitstop cafe also hopes to create a homey feel that welcomes and make people feel comfortable. the three coloured stripes which consist of bright orange, green and red exudes vibrancy and associates with joy and happiness. The Al fresco balcony also provides excellent view of Circular road and its vicinity buildings which accentuates the cosmopolitan skyline as well as the old world charm of the conservation shophouses.

new pix 021
so homey that I see these bunch of folks more often than I see my parents!

The food, specially marinated and 'recipied' by mum's extensive years of experience in the kitchen ensures that the food is delicious, sincere and yet value for money.

new pix 050
Mum says she means it.....

Other beverages and dessert, like our gourmet coffee and ice cream are individually sourced to maintain high quality to please every part of your gastronomical desires.

new pix 034
hello, this one is not cut and paste from internet one hor. You know waste how many packet of milk and coffee beans just to get this or not?

The staffs are the bosses. This ensures meticulous care and top notch service to make sure that your experience with us is fun and friendly.

new pix 015
such a friendly boss

In short, it is an excellent place for folks to have gatherings, birthday parties, workshop and whatever. It is even a place where friends happen to meet each other! where strangers become friends!

new pix 056
This group came and coincidentally met fig.2 at the cafe

No elaborate manners, in fact casual and out-of-the-box behaviour is encouraged. Take for example, a group of 30 polo canoeist stomped our place for an after-tournament celebration. They moved their crouches (oh i mean the couches) and the tables, rearranged themselves and started playing cranium on the floor.

new pix 058
'it's like one time in band camp, where we all felt like home...'

They screech like Hyenas, they Jumped like monkeys and they also look like monkeys (refer to fig.1), but no one cares, because Pitstop is a place for you to have fun.

new pix 066
(fig. 1)

Just have fun and we will even cheer you on.

Take for example again, our birthday folks are specially treated with a special sundae and have the entire Pitstop crew switching off the lights and crooning in their famous out of tuned 'birthday ode' to you.

new pix 068

The staff will even make fun of you, tease you, laugh at you and even freaked you out with our famous 'hailing welcome'. My goodness, what sort of cafe is this?

beware of this folk, he shouts 'welcome' in your face the moment you stepped into the shop. And I really mean S-H-O-U-T!

This is a cafe of fun, our boardgames are there to facilitate your interaction, but if you have more fun games, just like this group (fig 2), who spent half an hour playing some polar bear and hunter game, we welcome you! in fact, we will also play with you!!!

new pix 057

This is a cafe of fun. Fun is limitless, think of it when you sleep, dream of it when you eat. Everything is fun... this is Pitstop cafe......

the cafe of Fun


new pix 004
oi! Sia la! what is this doing here?!?! eek.... so scary..is this some virus?

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White Paladin said...

Just dropping a note to say that I am impressed by the hard work you have placed in this place! Looking forward to our game of St. Petersburg!


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