Folks have been asking us, so what's yer USP?

What's USP?

'Unique Selling Point' they say.

'No unique selling point', I replied

and they asked why.

I clapped my hands, tapped my legs and dance and sang a little song:

Why must I follow the rest of the folks?
To carve a USP which only turns out as a hoax?

Why couldn't my every little thing,
be our very unique USP?

Why should I exclude folks who wants some coffee,
or a little bit of our cool ice cream?

Why should I reject folks who just want a chat,
or make noise in a round of board games?

After all this is Pitstop cafe,
where no one will feel like a 'kare-lair-faire' (extra).

We try not to make ourselves unique for the sake of it,
Uniqueness lies in the eye of the beholder.

What makes us unique is you

Pitstop cafe is the folks and the folks is Pitstop Cafe.

All I want for Pitstop Cafe

is you


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