Yes we will be open!

Face with the rules and regulations, there is no other way but to get it done...the service guys are great! They have been drilling and fixing the toilet for almost half of the day. Electrical wiring has to be laid in order to get it working. Oh yes, did you know that even the hand drying equipment is a requirement!?

There is a saying that this whole system is suppose to save water. I am not convince. I been using public toilet (perhaps in the wrong way) and there are so many times that the sensor just start flushing even though i am half way through my business!

Someone mention that doing business is like playing boardgames, you just have to follow the rules. Ya, i can't really say that is wrong but if the government is so called pushing for entrepreunership, then simplify the rules!

Anyway the good thing is that we are able to open tommorrow!! Things are still messy but i guess we will do fine. So if you guys are reading this, why not drop by for a visit tommorrow. We will start at 12pm. Just mention that you read our blog and we give you a nice soft drink FOC ok!

Kitchen Helper


EduCafe said...

That's a great news!!! Cheers! So happy for u all :) Congrates to the opening tomorrow!

Cobalt Paladin said...

If you are going into entrepreneurship or doing your own business, never expect help from anyone... not even the government. Just depend on yourselves. Even if the rules are difficult and incomprehensible, just bear with it and overcome them. That is the mark of a true entrepreneur.

Good luck to your opening!

pitstop said...

Thanks for your words of encouragement!! Definitely still lots to learn for this bunch of folk over here!

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